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Become the industry the most contribution to the industrial company, to help auto service terminal stores continuously exceed, bigger and stronger, for the revitalization of the domestic automobile industry as a meager force.
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Zhejiang Shenbang Machinery Co,. Ltd. is the production of heat exchanger system of professional manufacturer. Existing fixed assets of 20 million yuan. Leading products for tubular cooler, exhaust gas recirculation cooler, stainless steel, copper fin type oil cooler with chip radiator, aluminum plate radiator and efficient spiral tube heat exchanger with copper and aluminum plate radiator and so on, are widely used in internal combustion engine, engineering machinery, ships, cars, agricultural vehicles, generators, hydraulic machinery, plastic machinery, mining, etc.

The path to innovation, its connotation is: Mechanisms and platforms have to create a first-class talents, thus continually create value for customers, and the unity of one single win-win culture. At the same time, haier with "no successful enterprises, only in the era of enterprise" concept, is committed to building built to last one hundred years enterprise, an enterprise can walk far, depends on the suits enterprise own values, this is the enterprise strategy, to resist temptation.

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